Well thanks to my good friend Mathew over at minimus software who developed this cool little web app for us that splits up CSV files.  Mathew works for us from time to time.  He normally works with Magento sites but he is great at developing little apps and setting up integrations. And Servers and anything that's too techy for us to understand!

Free Online CSV Splitter (No Software Download Required)

  • Just drag and drop your file
  • Choose how many files you want to split your csv file into
  • Files with headers on each column in each file will be zipped
  • Your Download will start  automatically.

I've long been looking online for a site that does this.  I have found various little csv splitter tools.  But none of them worked on my mac.  So I kept finding myself switching from PC to Mac transfering csv files and folders of CSV files back and forth all the time.

This CSV splitter will work on Mac or PC because it's built as a web app CSV splitter.

If you hit any problems with it not working feel free to email me.  Although we don't offer any support for our free web apps!

Happy splitting! - If you have any issues just refresh and drag the file in again.
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