When Should I Hire More Employees?

As would be expected, your SME is going to need to hire more employees to continue in success. Given recent economic struggles, hiring has become somewhat of a tentative matter. Many a time when recruiting a new member it has costed companies a lot in expense and time, but picking up the right person at the right time will see your company grow much more efficiently.

When asking yourself “When should I hire more employees?”, ensuring you achieve the perfect balance can be a tough nut to crack. You don’t have to just ask yourself that one question, read below and give yourself plenty more to answer to, to help you accurately determine whether picking up a new member of staff is the right choice for you.


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Product in Depth: Printed Ad-Loop Keyrings

ky0020_yellowOur Product in Depth this month is the wildly popular Ad-Loop Keyrings. Lightweight, flexible and practical, the Ad-Loop Keyrings ticks every box when it comes to promoting your campaign with an inexpensive price to boot.

When handing out our branded gifts, we naturally want our recipients to keep ahold of our products for as long as possible to leave a lasting impression in their minds about our company. With an Ad-Loop you can rest assured knowing that almost everyone can find a use for a keyring, especially ones as stylish and practical as these!

Order or get your quote on our Ad-Loop Keyrings today!

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Jurassic World’s Monstrous Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Universal Pictures UK have clearly been doing some work over the weekend, planting a hardly subtle shipping container right in the atrium of waterloo station, with the words  “Danger! Predatory Livestock. Trained Handlers Only” plastered across the side. Leaving the shroud of mystery for only a few days, frequent commuters of waterloo found that in the coming days the locked doors would be almost torn open from the top to reveal a quartet of quintessentially lifelike velociraptors!


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The Trustmark and Why it Matters

When it comes to setting up your own e-commerce business, one of your most vital assets will be trustmarks. Over the years of online shopping, it has become a common process by many to ensure that, when buying from small or new places, they are buying from somewhere secure. Before we continue, let’s explain on what exactly trustmarks are.


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Product in Depth: Branded Popular Sports Bottles

popular-sports-bottlesFor our product in depth this month we’re showing off the Popular Sports Bottles. A best seller in it’s category, it’s no wonder they’re given the name!

Certified BPA free and manufactured in the UK, these printed sports bottles are made to be a great quality for a budget price, and can be easily dish-washed and put in the freezer without any worries.

Order or get your quote on our Popular Sports Bottles today

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How to Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

When it comes to running a small business, you’re always looking for a cheaper way to do this and that, and to find ways to have a more streamlined and cost effective process to your work. Time is money after all, so its safe to say that we’re all looking to have a company that runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Of course efficiency shouldn’t always be measured in numbers, but quality of service too. Check out our tips below on what you can do to improve efficiency in the workplace.


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#FreeMerchandise First Competition Giveaway Coming Soon

We are nearly finished setting up our competition giveaway system. Soon you will be able to submit designs and photos to our online galleries and receive votes. Runners up will get #FreeMerchandise through the post. And the overall winner will get a Place in our Hall of Fame, receive their printed product in the post and win the monthly competition star prize! (to be announced)     free-merchandise

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Colours of the Month – May: Summer’s on the way from May

May is here, which means so is our Colours of the Month! Having escaped the April showers and just behind summer, we’re rewarded by the warmth of the sun and the beautiful weather all month round. With clear skies all around and the flowers showing their gorgeous colours, May is a colourful month that is sure to be vibrant and cheerful. Utilising these same feelings with your brand will be sure to see your success.


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Guerrilla Marketing – It’s the Little Things…

To promote their new movie Ant-Man that is soon to hit the big screen, Marvel have been subtly placing tiny little billboards in discrete (and some… not so discrete) locations across Australia. Sounds mad to most as it does of course turn its back to what typical advertising should be… However for it’s Ant-Man brand it works so beautifully, and has gained wild popularity across the internet.


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