Buying Promotional Products Direct from the Far East

Over the years we have found many factories in China for wholesale promotional products.  It can sometimes be quite hairy dealing with the far east as you have little or no comeback if the goods come in and are not upto standard. At least if you buy off a company in the UK you have some comeback on quality of product and print.

We have learnt over the years who we can trust and have built up a handful of reliable, good quality suppliers.  We do have some language barriers that tend to be more a source of amusement, than a difficulty when dealing with the far east.

Some of our favourite phrases:

1. I kewn it

I understand what you are saying. I am fully informed.

2. in common time , there is not have price list at my hand, if I had current ,I would like send to you !!

I don’t currently have your prices but if I did I would love to email them to you.

3. How abt yr company business recently?

Do you have any work for me?

4. how can i do then help you?

What would you like me to do to assist you?

5. let me check it at first

Let me get some more information to answer your question before I commit.

With the internet the whole world has gotten smaller.  It’s easy for anyone to buy direct from the far east these days.  You just have to be able to take the hit if your goods arrive not how you expected. By using a company like Promo-Gifts you minimise any problems you may have. Because with us as the importers you have comeback.  You also have years of experience and a clean ethical supply chain in your favour.

And sure, we make a margin on the goods, were in business and so are you, that’s how business works. They won’t be as cheap as if you went to a factory in China direct. But you won’t have that piece of mind and professional approach that we can offer you.

  • Full PDF visuals for approval so you know exactly what you are getting before you get it.
  • Pre-Production Samples for that extra piece of mind.
  • UK Credit Account* So you can receive and check the goods before you pay for them. (all Far East Companies ask for payment upfront)
  • UK Customs and Duties paid for and managed. (Dealing with the Far East you will be liable for these charges)
* Subject to status

Each Step in the Supply Chain is another Margin on your Products  Quality check on your Products.

There are a lot of price benefits by going direct to the far east for your products.  But as well as each of those margins comes another level of quality checking. Another company that is securing ROHS, CE, ISO or another set of Internationally or Europe recognised quality standards.

  • If you order direct how do you know that the inks used on your print do not contain illegal solvents?
  • Will the goods be CE marked?  Or will they be marked but not approved?
  • Will your goods be seised and destroyed at customs because they are falsely claiming to be approved CE when they are not?
  • Will they be seised and destroyed because they break someones copyright?
  • Will the USB’s you have ordered arrive containing Viruses that infect your clients computers?
  • Will the £8,000 you just spent on travel mugs for your client be in vain because they all leak?

Think We’re Scaremongering?

We have had each one of the above happen when importing directly from the Far East. Although slightly afraid to admit it as it does not look good for our business! But we are admitting it.  We had these problems and we lost money. We fixed those problems and we replaced all the goods. At great cost in most cases.  These are the growing pains of business. We have worked tirelessly and at great expense to secure a hi quality and reliable supply chain for your merchandise.
Most of our goods are printed in Europe by one of our highly trusted printers. Some are printed in the Far East by one of our Highly trusted Factories.

Have you ever bought your products direct from a factory in the far East?

Had a good experience?  Had a Bad Experience? Post below!

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